Here are just a few of the recent kind comments our customers have sent us.


Dear Marc

Just to say a big thank you for my superb longbow you recently made for me. I came to pick it up from you and I want to thank you for your time in showing me around your “Kingdom” and answering my questions. Your workmanship is exquisite and the little touches you applied to my bow were great. I am so pleased with my Skull. I have had the opportunity to shoot my bow both at target and in a field shoot. Despite my lack of skill my bow shot superbly and even got me a couple of Golds and the odd kill. Again many thanks for your workmanship, care and expertise you put into your bows.

David Perkins
“Up North"

Hi Marc

It was lovely catching up with you last week. I carefully brought my bow home and then took it out for its first shoot on Saturday. Gosh its fast !!


Hi Marc,

Just thought I would drop you a line re the bow I got from you recently. I was worried that I would not be able to pull the poundage but I have found that I can and the bow seems so smooth, it is a gem and a pleasure to shoot, thank you. It is great to be able to see the target at 80 yards now and my accuracy has already greatly improved. Still having to use a ground marker for the 100 but at least I am no longer aiming at the stars. Just did my first competition using new bow, came second, quite pleased after only a few days practice, could have done better, a little to do with the conditions but chiefly down to the archer. Really pleased with the bow, thank you for your care and attention and also for the advice you gave so freely.

Best regards,
Chris Woods
Bowmen of Warfield

Hi Marc,

I have just ordered a few accessories from you online & thought that I ought to let you know how pleased I am with "Bear Claw," the bow you made & delivered to me in January. I wasn't actually able to shoot it until towards the end of February due to illness, the weather & taking a short holiday. It took me a little while to get used to it, especially as I was given a bit of coaching to iron out ingrained faults that I wasn't even aware of. However, it shoots like a dream; I am getting more consistent & better scores & don't feel such a complete "rabbit" in competitions. I am actually able to hit the target @ 80yds now, so I am well pleased.

Thank you once again for a beautiful bow.

Kindest regards

Hi Marc,

Just writing to let you know my bow arrived today safe and sound. It is gorgeous looking, the grain patterns in the wood are fantastic. I have only had the chance to shoot a couple of arrows from it down the drive but it feels great to shoot and flings them good and fast. I can't wait to get it out on the range so I can really see what it can do.

Thank you again

Hi Marc,

The target arrived this morning which is great. Oscar is absolutely delighted with everything and so am I. The bow is just beautiful and we love how you have made the arrows. It is all just stunning. Huge thanks for your wonderful workmanship. You may not have heard the last from us!

Best wishes,

Dear Marc
I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with my bow and arrows, and recently the beautiful quiver and bracer; all bespoke for me! You put a lot of thought and effort into making a unique set of equipment. Now I need to up my game and be as good as I look!


Hi Marc,
Just to let you know that I had the opportunity to do a field shoot last weekend.  So was able to shoot the new bow in 'anger' for the first time.  It was a delight to shoot! Many thanks for your thoughtful and professional approach throughout the whole procedure of creating a new bow.

Thank you for the delivery of a very nice example of the bowyer’s craft.
The bow shoots every bit as well as I had hoped.

GC – Kent

Dear Marc
The bow has a lovely straight cast, allowing me to aim at the gold, although at 100 yards I’m still in the tree line. However, as we discussed, this may be down to arrow selection. I’ll contact you later in the season to have some arrows made, when myself and the bow have become better acquainted.
As you may be aware myself, Mick and Max will be shooting your bows at a national team event at Lilleshall over the last weekend in June, which is an endorsement of the level your bows are competing at.
Again, I’d like to thank you for the bow which is performing delightfully.

TM - Essex

Have received bow. Haven’t tried it yet but if it shoots as well as it looks, I’ll be well pleased!!

Old Harry – Essex

"Hi Marc
I thought I’d just let you know how I’m getting on with my new bow. I’m beginning to think you didn’t sell me a bow but a magic wand. With my last bow I was thinking that a MB was outside my reach but now with my magic wand I’m thinking that, when I get used to the extra weight and stop doing so many dodgy releases, I might even think of GMB."

MW - Essex

I'd like to thank you for the excellent bow you made me, it turned out far better than I expected with a beautiful finish, a real joy to shoot, much lighter to hold and gives a real punch to the arrows as they leave, and while the arrows don't always end up where I expect them to, that is down more to me still learning than anything else."

Thanks again
CS – Herefordshire

"Hi Marc,
just to say thank you so much for the beautiful longbow and arrows I received today, they are truly stunning. I am now inspired to reach a level of competence worthy of my equipment."

Many thanks
EL - Hereford

"Dear Marc,
I would like to sincerely thank you for the longbow you recently made for me (le Vieux Soldat). It is my first custom-made longbow and I am delighted that your craftsmanship has produced not only a beautiful looking and well-proportioned bow but also a bow that draws smoothly and shoots exceptionally well. Considering my special size requirements (too tall and arms like a gorillas) I am really impressed and will be recommending your services to all members of my club and anyone else I can extol the virtues of my new bow to.
Yours sincerely
Eddy Payne
Chairman Bromyard Bowmen

"Hello Marc,
A note to say how pleased I am with your 34lb @ 28ins longbow, and that I’d be happy to recommend your bows to anyone. I found the bow’s action to be quiet and smooth, with no shock. Although the bow is not intended for clout shooting, I tried out a light 25in target arrow and managed, under perfect conditions, 175yards. Not bad for only 30lbs and my short draw length.
In attention to detail and standard of finish the bow is as good as, or better than anything I’ve seen elsewhere.
In all respects I think it’s excellent.
David Cartwright

Thank you again for transforming simple pieces of wood into my beautiful longbow. 
Not only do I now have a longbow and arrows, I have also benefitted from you on how to use them to the best effect. My requirements were far ranging, yet you produced a longbow which satisfies them and is really smooth to shoot. I was particularly impressed with your presentation, detail and craftsmanship, and will have no hesitation in recommending you to any prospective longbow purchaser.
Brian Sanderson

"I contacted Marc to make me a new longbow, as my old bow had developed a terminal fault. Marc came along with a number of bows for me to have a look at; he took a number of measurements and asked me what type of materials I would like him to use in the making.
Marc has produced a splendid bow which is performing exceedingly well, it is very well finished having had 8 coats of varnish.
This bow has taken me a little by surprise, it is much lighter in the hand, than my old bow but has a very nice smooth draw, and on release which is also smooth, it is very quick compared to my previous bow. It reaches easily all the distances that I need, plus dare I say with such a fine bow it has improved my archery skills
I am very pleased with the bow and the maker Marc Grady
Ken Rocke
Hereford Company of Bowmen

"Dear Sir/Madam
I wish to recommend Mr. Marc Grady’s longbows. I have shot longbows for a considerable length of time and have used various bowyers over the years. I have found Mr. Marc Grady’s longbows to be of the highest standard, they are finished to the very highest degree and shoot very well.
As the secretary of the Hereford Bow Meeting Society, I have confidently recommended Mr Grady’s bows to members of our society as well as members of my immediate family.
Yours sincerely
Graham Sturgeon.

"Dear Marc
I am writing to thank you for my longbow. The look of the bow is just so beautiful. I have to say the finish is fantastic and it looks stunning. In comparison to other longbows I have shot or drawn, its performance is smooth and well balanced, with a comfortable hand position. The cost is also very reasonable for the quality and performance. Your follow up service is second to none. You knew that had not had time to shoot, so you had my bow back and made sure everything was okay before I took it out to shoot. I love the fact that it is named personally for me, it makes it even more special. Thank you."

Happy shooting
Karen Michael

I have been a recurve archer for the past 45 years tentatively thinking about buying a longbow. While on holiday in Ludlow my wife and I visited Hampton Court Castle and dropped in to your workshop. You gave me a tour of your workshop, showed me your bows, wood, arrows, leather etc. Anyway after much discussion I decided to buy a bow, arrows and leatherwork from you. I ordered from yourself the following:
1 bow with bow bag, 12 finished arrows, an arrow box, plus bespoke belt, quiver, tassel, and belt pouch all to my design.
You kept me informed of your progress and when the bow and arrows etc. were completed, keeping me updated at each step. The equipment arrived on the day mentioned carefully packaged and undamaged.
The bow was a delight to see, it still gives me a thrill every time I see it. First time at the range I was ‘the talk of the steamie’ (scots for talk of the club). I really was surprised at the ease of draw I had expected some stacking but that did not happen. The loose was fantastic, very smooth, no hitting of arrows off the bow (you chose the spine and set up the arrows perfectly). Once I got the hang of sighting (no mean task for an old recurve archer) I was getting groups at 20 yards. I am very impressed by the speed of the arrow and the penetrating power. Cannot wait for outdoor shooting to start.
The quiver, armguard, tassle, came out perfectly I believe the quiver and bow can be seen on your website. I am pleased to say I can find no fault in your workmanship in any of the equipment I ordered.
I have to thank you for your attention to detail and I wish you success in your venture".

Bill Gilchrist

Bow Components

"Dear Marc.
I would like to express my thanks, the way the transaction with the longbow emporium went.
The stave I ordered arrived overnight in good condition, the quality of the workmanship, the woods selected, and the reflex built into the stave, far exceeded my expectations.
I will have no hesitation dealing with you again."

Many Thanks,
 Ivor Welsh-Nelson.
Eagle Bowmen, &  BLBS

I have the stave now thanks - looks good with the deflex, will hopefully lessen string follow, and I like the way the purpleheart is tapered to match the bamboo - must be quite hard to get the surface to stay flat for attachment, so thank you!


Bow Stands & Rests

"Hi Marc,
I am sorry; I meant to email you sooner but the last few months have flown by. You kindly crafted a horn bow rest for my father last year, I wanted to express my sincere thanks. Not only were the staff and collet absolutely superb, your contact, friendliness and assistance were second to none. Even though the delay with the collet was a third party issue you took it upon yourself, again your response and contact were appreciated. I will continue to recommend you and I’m happy if you wish to use this as a review.
Kindest Regards

"Hi I have just received my order and had to say thank you for the great service and the fantastic equipment received I will be ordering some more equipment soon."
Leslie Hill

"Hi, Marc.
The folding wooden bow stand arrived this morning and it's really great, smaller and much more comfortable than I thought.
Hope to deal with you again. Many thanks."

Best regards


Dear Marc,

My new arrows have arrived safely. They're a most beautiful set. The cresting is splendid. I admire that most useful detailing- spine, weight, numbering and name that you've added so meticulously. The arrows are a pleasure to the eye and I'm looking forward to shooting with them.

Thank you. Best regards,


Just a wee thankyou for the shafts you sent me. A perfect set of 12 matched arrows . For the last few years I have been constantly let down by archery shops by the quality of their arrows. Glad to find someone who knows their stuff . I will be recommending you to my fellow archers. Kind regards John Good Evening
Got home from work to find the arrows have been delivered, they look amazing and the wife is very jealous, although she will be ordering some when her new now arrives. Cannot wait to shoot them.

Many thanks

We are delighted with your arrows – they are truly magnificent! We will be trying them out on Saturday at Meriden. Thanks all the pains you have obviously gone to – they are lovely!

RI – Warwickshire

Dear Sir,
Thank you for the very good job on the arrows – VERY PLEASED. (The leather string keeps are great!)
Will use you for all my archery gear in the future.

Al - York

"Lesley and Marc,
Success! I would like to thank you for fantastic customer service. My brother is still young and his love for archery is long-lasting - I will use the Longbow Emporium in the future as an excellent resource for gift orders. I'll also be happy to recommend you to future US customers.
Thank you again!

Arrows arrived this afternoon, and they are marvellous. Couldn't resist trying out a few ends in the garden and they are tuned perfectly. I salute your expertise. The bow bag is also lovely."

A very happy customer.
AS – London

"Hi Marc,
Thankyou for taking the extra time to try & match the shafts to be compatible with my previous order. Thanks once again for the superb service you provide, a rare commodity these days."

PE - Yorkshire


"Dear Marc,
Thank you so very much for the beautiful bow stringer which arrived this morning. It is absolutely marvellous. Thank you for the special customisation – it really looks the business! It’s so nice of you to go to so much trouble. 
I can’t think of a great enough superlative to describe your care and attention." 

With warmest best wishes and kind regards,

"Hello Marc,
I have received the new tassel this morning and I am writing to say thank you very much for it.
It is just as I wanted and I am very pleased indeed with it as with the other one the finish is beautifully done and thank you for going to the trouble of putting brown wool in it.
I shall fix it to my quiver and hopefully not get it too dirty!!
Thank you so much again."



Hi Marc,
I tried ringing yesterday and you rang back, but kept missing each other. It was just to say how delighted I am with the quiver etc. and can't wait to wear it at our next club night on Wednesday ( I am like a kid at Christmas). It was a very nice gesture of you to upgrade the bracer to a lined one, it was much appreciated. I shan't hesitate to come back to you for anything else I want or recommend you to others.

PE - Merseyside

Thank you for making the quiver, pouch and belt. The Oak apple and oak leaves are perfect, the quality of craftsmanship is outstanding and the colour is warm, elegant and my wife’s initials give it that customised feel.
My wife loves it and has shown it off to all her Facebook friends which they all agree looks fantastic.
I will certainly spread your details around the club members next time we shoot on August.
Once again, great product and thank you for your service.

LS – Isle of Wight

Received my quiver today, absolutely fantastic just what i wanted and worth waiting for thanks very much I look forward to using it later in the year, certainly will be ordering from you in the future."

thanks again

"Hi Marc
Thank you. Derrick was very pleased with his quiver and belt. He did not get to see it till Boxing Day, thank you for the extra touch. It is all ready to use for his first indoor session of 2014 next Wednesday. We all hope he has a long and happy shooting life with it (or else)
Once again thank you for your excellent job."


"Dear Marc,
Words cannot fully express how beautiful the back quiver and bracer are. The craftsmanship of the leatherwork is the best I have ever seen.
Thank you for all the time and effort you have put in to producing such splendid pieces and for your help and advice throughout the planning and design of the items"

Many thanks
MN - Durham

"My quiver arrived this morning. I'm very pleased with it and can't wait to try it out! I will certainly recommend you to anyone looking for custom made equipment."
DB - London

"Evening Marc,
Just got home and opened the eagerly awaited box. 
I absolutely love the ‘Dooley Leather Collection’.  I’m so impressed with the craftsmanship and think, as you say, that together it looks wonderful.
Thank you so much for the effort you have clearly taken to ensure that every piece is just right.  I shall spend an hour tonight messing about to get it all in the correct places on the belt and am really looking forward to taking it out to “play” on Sunday.
Thanks again Marc.  I’ll send you a report after I’ve taken it out in anger.
PS does it come with a guarantee to improve my shooting?
Chris Dooley

The Longbow Experience

"Hi Marc,
Just a quick note to say a very big thank you to you both for a wonderful day on Thursday. Everyone had a great time and your knowledge on the subject is astounding! Paul is a little daunted about completing his bow, he's terrified of doing it wrong but I'm sure he will be comfortable calling you if he has a problem. The boys are hooked and want a bow too! Thanks for sending the glue - your customer service goes well beyond expectations, we don't think you charge enough! Very best wishes to you both,"

JR – Berks

"Hi, just to say thank you for your patience this afternoon, I had a really enjoyable experience learning to shoot a longbow, and can safely say I am hooked! I will try to book another session before the end of the school holidays, and then hopefully go on to doing the beginners course and joining the Hereford group. I will email you re the next booking after I have cleared it with my husband, so he can arrange his work to look after the kids. Again, many thanks for a great introduction to the world of longbows!"
Kind regards
EL – Herefordshire

"Morning Marc,
Just a quick line to say thanks to you and your wife for the smashing time we had with you on Thursday 1st August 2013. Both my sons and I were very impressed with the tutoring you gave us during our Longbow Experience with the time you took to explain things about the longbow and archery making it a very enjoyable and interesting session which we didn’t stop talking about all the way home. The look around your workshop to see how you produce those beautiful bows and then receiving my own bow making kit capped off an excellent day which has an added bonus in that I now have an excuse to buy more tools!
I’ve read through your bow making manual a couple of times as you suggested and I’m looking forward to completing my bow with equal parts of excitement and trepidation; excitement as I’ll be shooting something (eventually) I made and trepidation in case I get it wrong and break it!
Once again thank you and hopefully I’ll go on to be a regular customer."

PR - Berks