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Beautiful ‘Victorian style target bows’ by Master Bowyer, Marc Grady. Exquisitely finished and using the finest exotic hardwoods and materials, these bows are made with performance in mind, are fast, sweet to draw and impeccably dressed. So, if you’re looking for a stunning bow for clout, outdoor target or indoor short range, speak to Marc and have one made to measure.

We also offer professionally prepared bow kits and skilled REPAIR SERVICE.

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Bespoke Bows

Call our Master Bowyer to have an incredible bespoke English longbow made to your draw length and poundage. Personalise the bow you are looking for through the choice of woods, the finish, handle material, arrow pass, the string type and serving. Each bow can be personalised further by individually naming to your choice. Bespoke bows arrive with rich and exclusive bow bag. Contact our bowyer to arrange a friendly consultation regarding construction and performance requirements. Prices from £450.00.

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bows kits

Longbow Kits

Why not make a bow of your own but with the assurance of working with a professionally prepared stave?

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bow components

Bow Components

Individual items from our kit range for you to build a bow around your own requirements, including: Staves - Horn - Nocks - String

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bow components

Repair Service

As time goes by bows inevitably succumb to wear and tear. At The Longbow Emporium, we can offer a repair service for suffering longbows. We can re-varnish, repair crisles, and re-back bows. Nocks or handles can be replaced or reshaped. We would always advise talking to the bowyer who made your bow in the first instance. However, if you have a bow that has been in the attic or garage for years or the bowyer is unknown, we can give your favourite or re-discovered bow a new lease of life.

Please contact us by telephone or email to discuss your requirement.