These arrows have been made by the renowned Rose City Archery company. Made using their high quality Port Orford Cedar, these shafts are full length (32") and hand-selected for the best grain configuration and straightness available.


Rose City Elite

The fletchings are shield or parabolic cut feather - barred cock and two solid hen fletchings - 3" on 5/16 shafts . Bohning Classic nocks are used that are indexed for ease of use.

Each arrow set has been is either plain or stained walnut or mahogany. Sold uncut in sets of 12. These arrows are not weight matched.

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Quantity : Dozen

Cut & Pile Service
We can cut shafts to your length and add the piles of your choice for a small additional charge (piles are included in the price). These arrows do sell quickly so are subject to availability.

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