These are the best of the best. Each shaft has been personally selected, weighed and spined by us to provide you with a dozen arrows that are as finely matched as possible. These arrows are weighed and matched to within 10 grains of one another (a single 5/16th nock weighs 11 grains!) and to one and a half pounds within the AMO 5lb groups.

premier select arrows

The tighter matching of these arrows suits the competitive archer looking for greater accuracy and smaller groups.

To order the premiere select arrows perfect for you and your bow, use the dropdowns below.

We have both left and right wing feathers in various colours. These can be used by either left or right handed archers, but obviously not mixed within any one arrow set. Fletching colours are dependent upon availability at time of ordering. We will contact you with suggestions of suitable alternatives if we are unable to supply your first choice of colour Alternatively, please contact us to discuss colour and size as many other options are available.

Have your arrows crested in the colours of your choice for small additional charge. Please purchase arrows first them return to this page to add Cresting preference.


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